Aneri Muni

I am a first year Computer Science PhD. student with Dr. Pierre-Luc Bacon at the University of Montreal and Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms, Mila. Previously, I was a research intern at NNAISENSE, working at the intersection of control theory, robotics and deep learning.

I recently graduated from ETH Zurich, with a MSc. in Robotics, Systems and Control. I did my masters thesis with Dr. Andreas Krause in the domain of safe policy search in high-dimensional spaces. I also worked on safe and efficient reinforcement learning algorithms for constrained dynamical systems with Dr. Melanie Zeilinger.

I received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology with a minor in Robotics. During my bachelors, I was a Teaching Assistant for Differential equations and a Research Assistant with the Georgia Tech Systems Lab under Dr. Fumin Zhang. I spent three months as a visiting student researcher in the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH, through the ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship.

At Georgia Tech, I completed three rotations of Robotics and Image Processing co-op at the Food Processing Technology Division under Georgia Tech Research Institute, where I developed autonomy algorithms for a robotic system to monitor chickens in a poultry grow-out house.

When I'm not working with robots and computers, I love reading, hiking and painting!

Best way to reach me is through email.