Aneri Muni

I am a Visiting Researcher at MILA, Quebec AI Institute, advised by Dr. Pierre-Luc Bacon.

I am also a graduate student at ETH Zurich, pursuing a Master of Science in Robotics, Systems and Control. My primary research objective is to develop practical theory that leverages concepts from machine learning and optimal control theory to develop intelligent control systems.

I recently completed my masters thesis with Dr. Andreas Krause in the domain of safe policy search in high-dimensional spaces. Before that, I worked on safe and efficient reinforcement learning algorithms for constrained dynamical systems with Dr. Melanie Zeilinger.

I received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology with a minor in Robotics. During my bachelors, I was a Teaching Assistant for Differential equations and a Research Assistant with the Georgia Tech Systems Lab under Dr. Fumin Zhang. I spent three months as a visiting student researcher in the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH, through the ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship.

I was also on the co-op track and completed a Robotics and Image Processing co-op with the Food Processing Technology Division under Georgia Tech Research Institute, where I developed autonomy algorithms for a robotic system to monitor chickens in a poultry grow-out house.

When I'm not working with robots and computers, I love reading, hiking and painting!

Best way to reach me is through email.